Welcome to Upstream Matters, published by the Illinois River Watershed Partnership team. We’re excited to be launching our first blog as a method of bringing people together and engaging with communities who are passionate about preserving our natural resources.

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What does it take for a group of people to come together to do good things?

It takes honesty, humility, courage, sacrifice, generosity, faith, hope, creativity, hard work, commitment, and personal accountability.

  • Honesty to continuously seek truth born of facts from all sources
  • Humility to realize the limits of personal knowledge and ability and seek the help of others to reach goals
  • Courage to overcome obstacles, fear, and negative sarcasm
  • Sacrifice and generosity for the benefit of something greater than self
  • Faith and hope that prompts optimism and positive actions
  • Creativity to seek out and design solutions
  • Hard work and commitment

Those are the attributes that motivated the founders of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership to form a non-profit organization that is respectful and inclusive of all stakeholders with the goal of coming together to good things in the Illinois River Watershed in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Through local cities, counties, state and federal agencies, corporate sponsors and partners, members, volunteers, board members and staff, over 100,000 hours of education outreach, water quality monitoring, and conservation projects have been completed by the IRWP in the past seven years.

Kayaking on the Osage RiverIn 2012, through the generous contributions of three private foundations, 12 corporations, and over 50 individuals, the IRWP was able to purchase a 31-acre urban forest, cave spring, lake and stream to establish a Watershed Sanctuary to serve as a model of natural resource management and stewardship.

Canoes on Flint CreekThrough “Upstream Matters”, the IRWP wants to continue to extend knowledge, encouragement, and positive reinforcement of people doing good things in and for the Illinois River Watershed. Follow us at Upstream Matters, our IRWP website, Facebook, Twitter and of course, join us IN PERSON at activities and events in the Illinois River Watershed.


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