This issue of the Cave Springs Scene was published on Thursday, August 3, 1972, and the front page features a photo of the lake and dam in Cave Springs that dates back to 1914, right after the completion of Bartlett Dam (which can currently be seen in the lakebed at the Watershed Sanctuary).  Could this dam have formed the first man-made lake in the Illinois River Watershed?  There have been at least two fillings of the lake that we know of: First by Wilton Mortimer Bartlett to form Loch Lono and second by E.L. Keith to form Lake Keith.  The newspaper caption reads:

“THE LAKE HERE AT CAVE SPRINGS as it appeared nearly 60 years ago is seen in this photograph shared by G.A. Stroud of Long Beach, Calif. In his letter accompanying the picture, he referred to it as “Lake Loni” […] for that is the name by which Lake Keith was once known. The springs and lake, both then and now, will be the focal point for many of the memories that will be recalled by present and former residents as they gather here on Aug. 12-13 for the 2nd Annual Cave Springs Homecoming.”