Did you know that Cave Springs used to have its own newspaper, the Cave Springs Scene? Cheria Simpson of Cave Springs has so graciously loaned her collection of The Scene to us, and we are uncovering all sorts of intriguing photos and history of the Watershed Sanctuary as it used to be.

In this issue, dated Thursday, March 11, 1971, we have two photos of the property where the Watershed Sanctuary now lies.  The first photo was taken in 1907, before Bartlett Dam was built.  The other photo was taken in 1971, at the time this issue of the Cave Springs Scene was published.  The text under the first photo reads:

“THE CAVE SPRINGS LAKE in 1907. This 54-year old photograph was loaned to the SCENE by Hazel Shaffer. It shows the old mill that stood on the south bank, and running toward the left from the mill can be seen the old dam. The remains of this dam, forming steps, is still evident on the south bank near the remains of the 1914 dam. The house seen in the upper right hand is the Dr. E.J. Highfill home which still stands there today. The three men beside the mill are unidentified. The dam shown here broke in 1912, and there was no lake at all until 1914 when W.M. Bartlett bought the spring and built a new dam about midway between the site of the mill in this picture and the road from which this picture was taken. The present dam forms the roadbed.”

The text above the bottom picture reads:

“SEEN BELOW is the Cave Springs lake as it appears today. The remains of the old mill dam are barely visible at the right, near where the remains of the 1914 dam juts out into the lake (The one on which a fisherman is seen sitting). Screening this picture is some of the fencing that bounds today’s dam (on which Hwy. 112 crosses) from the lake, itself. The Dr. Highfill home is still evident across the lake in the background of this picture.”