As summer winds down and school season approaches once more, we look back at some recent camp highlights at the Illinois River Watershed Sanctuary.  What better way to do that than through a camper’s eyes?  Or, better yet, a camper’s selfies?

10565812_10152167959956993_816511873_nWatershed campers Asher, Brock, Jerusalem, Mason, Evelyn, Anasia, and Ellie pause for a selfie during a nature hike.


Isaac and Levi caught a large crayfish during a macro-invertebrate survey of the cave spring.

10555189_10152169900681993_309095526_nKolby shows off his caterpillar mustache.

10563338_10152169902111993_582536948_nSophie, Jordan, Hannah, Brinley, and Robbie pose at the entrance of Cave Springs Cave, which is home to the endangered Gray Bat and the largest population of the threatened Ozark Cavefish.

10564935_10152167953571993_110118876_nEllie and Anasia show off their dissolved oxygen water sample while testing the water quality of the cave spring.

10567556_10152162261221993_773794546_n…And I couldn’t help but participate in the summer selfie sensation.  I sure do love my job!

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