Clean Water Raingers…It’s Almost Here…Are You Ready?  Join the Illinois River Watershed Partnership for our 8th Annual Riparian Project on Saturday, March 7th !


What is the Riparian Project?

It is a community event where volunteers get together to plant trees and pick up litter.  Gather your friends and family members and join in the fun. If you are not familiar with the Riparian Project you can visit for more details.  Project locations this year are in Siloam Springs, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Prairie Grove, and Fayetteville.

Why do we plant trees?

Miss Delia always says “Trees Make Better Water”.  Their roots hold the soil in place and keep the dirt along our rivers, creeks and streams from washing away.  I keep telling you this… and I am going to say it again:

“I Love Trees”.  Trees are…




Spring will be here soon and our redbud and dogwood trees will be blooming.


Trees Are Beautiful !

My indoor cats love trees too. Why? Because they get to watch all of the squirrels and birds that hang out or have nests in our trees. Below is my cat Monkey saying to the bird … “Meow, can I come play in the tree with you?”


Captain Marshall says, “Tell your parents, call your friends on the telephone, and bring them with you to one of our planting locations around the watershed. You can have a lot of fun AND make a difference in our watershed at the same time. We sure hope to see you there!”


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