School is out for most of our Clean Water Raingers. Summertime is fun time and I hope you have a lot of things planned; going on vacation, camping, swimming, fishing, hiking… there are so many things to do in the Illinois River Watershed!

I know I am going to take more time this summer to do fun things outdoors. What about you? Here are some great activities for Clean Water Raingers and their families.




Farmer's Market

Many people in our watershed live on farms. Have your parents take you to one of the many farmers markets and take a look at all the vegetables, fruits, and plants that are grown in our area.




Plan a day with your family, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy it at one of the lakes, streams, or parks in the watershed.





Enjoy the swimming areas in the watershed like Lake Wedington or Lake Tenkiller, with adult supervision of course.



Stacked Rocks

Practice the art of stacking rocks to make a temporary natural artwork display.





Hike or bike one of the many wonderful trails in our watershed. Many of them run alongside a stream, creek, or lake, like this picture of the Lake Fayetteville Trail.



River Walking

Ask your favorite adult to take a slow walk along the banks of a shallow stream with you.   Look for living things in the water and along the edge, like tadpoles, minnows, waterbugs, crawdads, snails, frogs, herons, ducks, turtles. If you want to do Clean Water Raingers work, take a trash bag with you and pick up any trash that you see.



Float Trip

Enjoy a float trip on the Illinois River or one of its tributaries.



Rivers Lakes and Streams Song

While you are in the car or hanging around at home, learn all of the Clean Water Raingers songs. When Captain Marshall visits your school, you will be able to sing along with him!




Happy Exploring To All Of Our Clean Water Raingers This Summer!

Enjoy all the wonders of nature that can be found in the Illinois River Watershed.


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