Hello Clean Water Raingers. Happy Spring! Spring flowers are coming up, trees are budding, and Spring is in the air. The Illinois River Watershed Partnership just held their 8th Annual Riparian Project. It was a huge success and we could not have done it without all of our wonderful volunteers and Clean Water Raingers. 419 people came out and made a difference in the watershed.

Miss Becky recently wrote about Riparian Buffers and why we need them. I like the way Captain Marshall explains it too…..with the Riparian Buffer Song. Read the first verse below…



Riparian buffers play such an important role in keeping our water clean. They are also very important because they create habitat for animals, and fish, and insects, and birds; so many living creatures depend on them to provide their shelter and food. I’ll talk more about habitat in my next blog.

Thanks for making the 2015 Riparian Project another success story for our watershed. If you missed it, we’ll be doing it again next year. In the meantime, enjoy the warmer weather and if it starts to feel too “Rainy”, just remember that Every Living Thing Needs Water!





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