Hello to all of our Clean Water Raingers.  School is out…No more tests…Now what should you do?  My answer to that question is “go outside, explore and have fun in the Illinois River Watershed!  I do hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  April and May were very rainy months and we are expecting more rain this month, so now is the perfect time to talk about Flooding.

You should all be familiar with the Clean Water Raingers’ song, Stop! Turn Around!  Just in case you don’t have your songbook near you, I am posting the song below.  Read it, sing it, and remember it.




When Captain Marshall sings “six flowing inches can knock you down”, do you know what that means?  Six inches of water flowing at high velocity (really fast) has the force to knock a child off his or her feet.  “No Way” you say, “it’s only six inches deep.”  Well, the experts say this is true and we believe them, so everyone here at the Illinois River Watershed Partnership asks that you…



Eighteen inches can take a car away   Yes it can.  That small amount of water can float a car.  See the illustration and information below.


Floating Vehicles


“We have you, we love you, and we want to keep you” says Captain Marshall, “so listen up and stay safe.”  Flood water is dangerous!  When the water is flowing over the road, tell the driver to…


Stop! Turn Around!  Let’s find another way home!