On Friday, December 12, 2014, Captain Marshall and the Clean Water Raingers Program performed for 2nd graders from Gentry Primary School.  It was a really special day.  Why?  Because we met our goal of 30,000, and we can now say that Captain Marshall has performed the program for 30,060 students, teachers, and others over the past four years!  The most interesting part of this story is that Gentry Primary was also the first school where we performed the Clean Water Raingers Program.  Isn’t that amazing?!


I know in my heart that all of our Clean Water Raingers make a difference in our watershed.  Captain Marshall knows too, which is why he wrote the following message that was placed in our time capsule…..

CM Time Capsule Msg

“Making A Difference…One Song At A Time…One Heart At A Time”

Our Clean Water Raingers out there in the watershed are making a difference and I want to share the following stories to show you how.

Making A Difference….. 

I played this afternoon out at Terra Studio and was singin’ my heart out (all my cool Cowboy Music for Kids songs) and there was a table in the back of the room where they were making balloon animals and swords and such. Two young girls came over from there.  They had swords, and one girl had a twisted hat-looking thing on her head).  I started talking to her about her looking taller now than when she first came in. I asked what grade they were in and what school they attended. They answered Happy Hollow……so I asked if they were there the day we did the Clean Water Raingers concert. They both lit up and said they were. So, I asked if they were Clean Water Raingers…they both said they were…then one of them asked if I would sing the Watershed Song….I asked if they knew the words and they said yes…. soooooo….. we all sang the Watershed Song together for all the folks!!! I thought it was really fantastic that the girls wanted to hear the song and sang it word for word!!!!

We ARE making a difference!!!!!!!!

-Captain Marshall


One Song At A Time…..

Hi, we are so excited to have the Clean Water Raingers play for our children in central Arkansas. I know my 5 year old is especially happy! He cannot wait to sing the songs! He knows every word to each song (along with my husband and 2 other children).

-Christy A. in Little Rock, Arkansas.


One  Heart At A Time….

Annie Remembers All The Songs   (A Short Story)

Marshall Mitchell recently performed his cowboy music at a family reunion in Oklahoma. One woman attending the reunion is a teacher at a Northwest Arkansas school. She was telling three Oklahoma teachers about Captain Marshall performing the Clean Water Raingers Program at her school, and that her daughter Annie is a Clean Water Rainger.

Marshall asked Annie if she remembered any of the Clean Water Raingers songs. “I know all of them,” she answered.  “What is a Clean Water Rainger,” someone asked Annie. She explained (talking for about two minutes) what Clean Water Raingers should do, from picking up trash to taking care of the watershed by planting trees and making riparian buffers. Keep in mind, Annie is in 3rd Grade.

Then someone asked “What’s a riparian buffer?” So Marshall and Annie sang the Riparian Buffer song together for everyone at the reunion, and 32 more people now know what a riparian buffer is because of Annie and her love for the Clean Water Raingers songs and stories.  (story as told to Miss Jennifer by Captain Marshall)

IRFest One Heart

If you have a story you would like to share I know that Captain Marshall would love to read it. And he loves to get pictures colored by our Clean Water Raingers.  You can send your story and/or picture to this address:


Captain Marshall

Illinois River Watershed Partnership

PO Box 8506

Fayetteville, AR 72703


We are looking forward to 2015 and all the Clean Water Raingers opportunities that it will bring!