Hi there Clean Water Raingers. I hope you are spending some time outdoors in this beautiful weather. I just came back from a long walk with my dogs.  Do you have a dog? Did you know that playing outside with your dog is a fun way for you to get some exercise and fresh air? It sure is.

These are my dogs, Ursa and Savannah. They love to run around in our back yard, chasing each other as fast as they can. Sometimes I chase them and they think that is great fun.


Ursa and Savannah

When I was a kid, one of my chores was cleaning up the dog poo in our yard and it was definitely not my favorite thing to do. However, even back then I was smart enough to know that it was much more fun to play in the yard when you were not stepping in dog poo!

As an adult, I have a lot of chores and guess what…one of them is picking up dog poo. I do it for two reasons; 1) none of us like stepping in it and 2) picking up the poo helps to keep our water clean. When we pick up and dispose of pet waste properly, it helps keep harmful bacteria out of our yards and out of our waterways. I pick it up in my yard and also if my dogs happen to go when I am walking them on the trail.

Because you are a Clean Water Rainger, I know that you listen to your parents and do your chores. If you have a dog, I hope that cleaning up the dog poo in your yard is one of them, because it is very important. If you have not been doing it then I encourage you to start.  Now I will tell you how.

First you need the right equipment, because you don’t want to be touching the dog poo.  I pick up the poo with a disposable glove or a plastic newspaper bag over my hand. You can also use a trowel or tongs to pick it up and put it in a plastic grocery bag. Just make sure that your tools are only used for picking up poo.


 Simple tools you might have already, help get the job done!

Walk slowly around your yard, always looking down and being careful where you step. Finding it can be tricky because sometimes it gets covered in grass or leaves.

Pick up each pile of dog poo that you find and place it in a plastic grocery bag for disposal in your trash bin or wherever your parents tell you to put it. If you only have a small amount you might even flush it down the toilet.

Now that you know how to pick up and dispose of your dog’s poo safely, there is no excuse not to do it. Do it for your watershed, for our waterways, and for your shoes!