The IRWP’s Clean Water Raingers After School Program Is Here!

We are excited! Our Clean Water Raingers After School Program started on Monday of this week and will last until the end of this school year. There are several different themes that the program will focus on:

ThemesThese themes will be our guidelines for the program. Some of these themes cross subject boundaries, like Art & Nature and Outdoor Adventure, which go together like peanut butter and jelly. But no matter what theme we are exploring during our after school sessions, FUN is a big part of the plan!

Art and Nature with ♪ Music ♫

Captain Marshall will also join in the fun for a few of the sessions. He will lead our first group of kids in creating simple percussion instruments. They will write a song and perform it with Captain Marshall, using the instruments they make. Why Music? Because Music is Art. Some of the materials we use will come from nature so …… we have Art and Nature! As I was thinking of the music Captain Marshall and the kids will create with their instruments, I got to thinking about all of the “musical” sounds found in nature. I put together a list of some nature sounds that I love. There are many, many more that you can hear if you will go outside and LISTEN carefully. Listen in the daytime and then listen in the nighttime.

012415 Blog Photo PageJust thinking about these sounds is creating a “Nature Symphony” in my head! Clean Water Raingers…… If you have not registered for our after school program, there’s still time!  We have a few spots left for the spring 2015 pilot program, and you can start at anytime as long as your parents fill out this form online. In the meantime, don’t forget to go outside and listen to the sounds of nature!

Before you go, check out these photos of the first week of the Clean Water Raingers After School Program!


Duct tape nature bracelets we made during a nature hike!


Designing name tags on our first day of the Clean Water Raingers After School Program.


It took five Clean Water Raingers to hug this ancient White Oak tree!


Exploring the Sycamore playground at the Watershed Sanctuary.


Discovering crayfish habitat in the old raceways and spring water.

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