What do volunteers mean to the IRWP?   EVERYTHING!  From 2010 to 2015, over 125,000 people have helped to improve the Illinois River Watershed participating in education, outreach, conservation and water quality monitoring projects.  Using the national economic calculator for volunteer service, that’s over $3.3 million of voluntary contributions to help preserve, protect and restore our watershed.


Crafton Tull Volunteers at Razorback Greenway, Rogers.


What does it take to volunteer? 

Optimism – A belief that an individual’s actions can improve lives and make a difference.

Gratitude – A heart that overflows with gratitude has a desire to share with others.

Generosity – A willingness to invest time, talent, or treasure.


What does an IRWP volunteer look like?

Landowners implementing best management practices to protect land and water

Scout Troops,  4-H Clubs, E.A.S.T. students, parents and kids planting tree seedlings along streambanks

Teachers working afterschool to encourage student-led initiatives

University students walking trails and stepping in creeks to pick up trash

Corporate teams using technical skills to provide connectivity and enhance learning, planting trees and rain gardens, or painting offices and renovating structures

Mayors, councilmen, JPs, legislators and Board members serving volunteers and working side-by-side

Master Naturalists clearing trails and acting as interpreters for school visits

Master Gardeners planting and adopting rain gardens in public spaces

Artists painting, sculpting, creating and performing that inspires and educates

Individuals, families, clubs, corporate teams, community groups, civic clubs….and on and on…

Volunteer collage

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse and volunteers spread out across the Watershed.

April 2 we have two opportunities for volunteers:

1-3 pm Join University of Arkansas students as part of their Spring Day of Service at the Watershed Sanctuary and Learning Center in Cave Springs planting trees and clearing trails.

Green Roof volunteers installation

Anheuser Busch and Walmart volunteers help install a Green Roof at the IRWP Watershed Sanctuary. 

9 am – 2 pm Check out the “Keep Arkansas Natural” Volunteer Fair at Frisco Mall in Rogers:


Thank YOU for being a volunteer with the Illinois River Watershed Partnership or many other wonderful opportunities that keeps this region a wonderful place to live, work and play.  Like us on Facebook and watch for many more volunteer opportunities, outdoor education, conservation and public events in 2016!