LakeKeith-10Upstream Matters is the blog of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership, whose mission is to improve and protect the Illinois River and the watershed with over 1,300 miles of streams.

But, what is a watershed? You’re sitting in one right now. It’s the area of land that receives the rainfall and storm water run-off that drains or seeps into a wetland, stream, river, lake or groundwater. All of us contribute to the watershed we live in and our individual actions can affect it.

The Illinois River Watershed Partnership (IRWP) is designed to bring funding agencies and organizations together with local landowners and community stakeholders to foster the exchange of ideas and encourage collaborations in an effort to improve and protect the water quality. IRWP shares best practices of successful water management practices that are easily adapted by individuals and business alike.

Our Upstream Matters blog is a venue to encourage learning and provide tools to help each of us make better choices and take positive actions to preserve our watershed. It’s also a intended to help those who live in the Illinois River Watershed to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful resources that surround us and to interact in a community that shares that appreciation.

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