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Lake of the Watershed

Lake of the Watershed

2014 marks the 100-year anniversary of the lake in Cave Springs.  An historic year indeed! It was in 1914 that Wilton Mortimer Bartlett constructed the first concrete dam, which transformed the fresh springs into a 6-acre lake here in Cave Springs.  He named this man-made reservoir after his daughter, Lono, christening it “Loch Lono” (Scottish...
Throwback Thursday: An Aerial View of the Lake in Cave Springs

Throwback Thursday: An Aerial View of the Lake in Cave Springs

Aerial view of the lake in Cave Springs This aerial view of the lake in Cave Springs (then called Lake Keith) was taken in the 1950’s.  With the lake currently drained, it’s particularly interesting to see the pier, and the clear view back toward the cave at the far end of the lake.
Watershed Landscape: The Dirt on Soils

Watershed Landscape: The Dirt on Soils

Protecting both the land and the water is a primary focus of the Illinois River Watershed Partnership and we work to educate our community on ways to make a positive difference so that our natural resources are around for future generations to enjoy.  So let’s talk about dirt…   Understanding Soil Infographic Photo: The Denver...
Throwback Thursday: Lazy Days on the River

Throwback Thursday: Lazy Days on the River

Floating the Illinois River Annetta Adams from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, submitted this photograph of Ed Fite, Administrator of the Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission (OSRC), and a few members of Save The Illinois River (STIR). This photo was taken in the summer of 2012 during a 6-mile float trip on the Illinois River to Sparrow Hawk Camp...
Paddler's Post: Natural Falls State Park, Oklahoma

Paddler’s Post: Natural Falls State Park, Oklahoma

With about 45 percent of the Illinois River Watershed covering northwestern Arkansas and 55 percent covering northeastern Oklahoma, the bounds of our watershed can seem awfully vast and difficult to traverse.  In reality, though, adventures across the border can be surprisingly accessible and refreshingly close to home.  In this edition of Paddler’s Post, our journey...
Clean Water Raingers: Let's Hear it for Squirrels!

Clean Water Raingers: Let’s Hear it for Squirrels!

Hi Kids, I just learned something new and I want to share it with you.  On January 21, 2001, Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitator in North Carolina started National Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Wow, a special day just for squirrels!  Now that I know about National Squirrel Appreciation Day, I will make a special treat for...
Nature's Classroom:  The World Underneath Our Feet

Nature’s Classroom: The World Underneath Our Feet

The Illinois River Watershed in northwestern Arkansas and northeastern Oklahoma is blessed with an abundance of underground springs.  In fact, many of our cities are named after those springs: Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Springdale, Siloam Springs, and so on!  In this edition of Nature’s Classroom, we explore the world underneath our feet with an activity...
Throwback Thursday:  Benton County 4-H

Throwback Thursday: Benton County 4-H

This brief excerpt from History of Benton County Arkansas, Volume 1, describes the origins of the Benton County 4-H Club and a couple of trips they took to the Illinois River and Lake Wedington. Today, the Benton County 4-H Clubs are actively involved in the Illinois River Watershed Partnership’s volunteer events, and members continue to...
Paddler's Post:  SWEPCO Lake

Paddler’s Post: SWEPCO Lake

Have the winter blues got you down?  Is your fishing gear collecting dust because the cold water has lulled the bass into a winter sleep?  Then perhaps it’s time to check out SWEPCO Lake.  The 1.1 million acres of the Illinois River Watershed hold 10 public lakes – each of them man-made.  But SWEPCO Lake...
Watershed Landscape:  Plant This... Not That!

Watershed Landscape: Plant This… Not That!

Plant This…Not That!  Native Alternatives to Everyday Plants Some of our common landscape plants are often times over-utilized in the landscape, and do not provide any benefits other than they are donned ‘low-maintenance.’   Choosing a native plant for your landscape will provide both beautiful and restorative effects and will help to build biodiversity in...
Throwback Thursday: Bartlett's Spring

Throwback Thursday: Bartlett’s Spring

This postcard does not have a date on it, but we conclude that it may predate 1910 because this area was referred to as “Bartlett’s Spring” before becoming incorporated as the town of “Cave Springs” in 1910. This postcard shows the mouth of the cave and a cool cascade of spring water.
2014: Making It Count

2014: Making It Count

With 2013 behind us, we reflect upon the successes of the past year and look ahead to 2014 with excitement for what’s to come. The new year brings an opportunity to reach greater heights than ever before by improving upon past years’ progress. For some, this means starting a more vigorous diet and exercise routine...